I'm well into my eighth decade, am grateful for excellent health and vigour, married to Cathy, with two adult children by birth and two mixed-race children by adoption, plus five grandchildren. I live in a very rural cottage about 5 miles from Norwich. I've worked in education all my life, now in Christian education after completing a ministerial training course (as a lay person) in 1999. I'm passionate about all followers of Jesus being equipped to minister ("serve up") God's grace, love, mercy and truth wherever they are and whatever they're doing and I want to do what I can to secure that end. In recent years I have turned the Diocese of Chelmsford's 60-week Course in Christian Studies into an online learning event but now am back working with Norwich to add to what's offered for laypeople to learn and grow. 

I live right behind All Saints Church, Hethel, where I serve as treasurer and churchwarden. I'm an authorised worship assistant and help with the church's life in and ministry to the community. A largish garden also takes (enjoyable) time, so there's not much slack in the week!